At the moment, this page is mostly homeschooling blogs and a couple of other resources. More blogs and resources, including links about giftedness, will be added as soon as I have time….

American Indians in Children’s Literature “Critical perspectives and analysis of indigenous peoples in children’s and young adult books, the school curriculum, popular culture, and society.” All educators and parents should read this blog. For god’s sake, don’t perpetuate racism–including the well-meaning liberal kind of racism–in your child(ren)’s education. Inform yourself.

Bad Homeschooler “An Urban Public School Warrior Mom has an ongoing internal battle with her value system after deciding to homeschool her brilliant teen daughter with issues.” I like this blog a lot. Critical thinking about what homeschooling means in the context of contemporary criticisms of public education. Not a lot of curriculum suggestions or ideas for day-to-day activities; instead you’ll find someone really and honestly struggling with the tensions between American individualism and a sincerely felt sense of collective responsibility.

da Vinci Learning Center Blog. Blog of Aimee Yermish, a psychologist whose “dissertation work was on the development and maintenance of the therapeutic working alliance with gifted clients.” Good, intelligent, thoughtful, interesting, and kind. Some of her key articles are here, including pieces on finding a therapist for a gifted child and the experiences of gifted people in therapy.

Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Fantastic and frequently updated resource pages–so much information that it can easily seem overwhelming, in fact. Do focus on your own particular interests and needs, but don’t forget to check back as those interests and needs evolve. They also have a FB page (linked from their site), discussion forums, etc.

I’m Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write. “The life and times of an unschooling vegetarian animistic green-anarchist feminist hippie child.” What it says. Her “Unschooling 101” is really positive and I like it.

Project-Based Homeschooling: Camp Creep Blog This blog is in support of the author’s book, Project-Based Homeschooling. I have yet to read the book but it looks very promising to me; project-based learning seems like a pretty natural fit with homeschooling. There’s also a forum.

Red, White & Grew: Homegrown Kids The homeschool section of a blog by a “university-administrator-turned-journalist who started a Victory Garden blog and wound up being a lifestyle blogger.” She’s well-connected in homeschool circles, I think, and good at networking: if you’re new to homeschooling, her blog is a great place to start finding out the lay of the land.

School of Smock Hallelujah! “A guide and fresh look at the research on raising and teaching kids from an educator and (sometimes overwhelmed) new mom.” Actual engagement with actual research, presented in a reader-friendly way. I want a million of her.

Tinderbox is a homeschooling blog by a “part-time clinical psychology researcher and full-time mother” whose two children are “secular homeschoolers following a modified neoclassical curriculum.” She’s also a long-standing online friend of mine, and an intelligent, thoughtful, principled person.

Trauma Treatment for Children “Explores the theory and practice of trauma informed and relationship based treatment for children and adolescents, using the Restorative Approach.” Blog by a LCSW about foster children and children in treatment programs. I find it very thought-provoking about how kids perceive stress, including school-related stress. If your kid, like mine, finds school stressful or if you’re homeschooling because of poor school experiences (including your own), you might find this blog helpful.

Wide Open Campus Personal, unpretentious homeschooling blog by a woman whose kid sounds a lot like a younger version of mine. I like her writing voice.


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