About Buffalo Mama

a sign from Yellowstone Park

The name of this blog comes from this sign. I first saw it on a two-week cross-country camping trip while moving from the US Pacific Northwest to Ontario, Canada. By the time we reached Yellowstone Mama was a little cranky, and the text of this sign–with the word “Mama” substituted for “buffalo”/”these animals”–has become part of our family shorthand.

Mostly this blog is about me figuring out how the hell to homeschool my incredibly bright pre-teen Pseudonymous Kid, who no longer goes to school following a mid-year sixth-grade meltdown that involved the Suicide Prevention Team! and the Cops! coming to our house–which did nothing whatsoever to improve his attitude towards school and convinced me that what was already a pretty shaky situation was unsalvagable. You can read the gory details and find out a few specifics about us here.

Ironically, it turns out that PK, too, is a buffalo.

We may appear tame, but we are wild and unpredictable. DO NOT approach….


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