School’s Out!

And for us, yes it is. I was dithering about whether to harmonize with the “school year” or just keep trying to do a bit of math, a bit of history, etc., on an ongoing basis, but the husband and Pseudonymous Kid both advocated for a proper break. So PK has been allowed to determine his own whacked-out sleep schedule, which means staying up til dawn and then sleeping til 3 or 5 pm, with a once-weekly 36-hour wake session, and I am no longer bothering to try to get him to do things other than be on his laptop while he is awake. Occasionally I will prod him to clean the kitchen or eat a meal or get up and move around a bit, but for the most part he is left to his own devices.

This is pretty much how I feel right now.

This is pretty much how I feel right now.

In a way this is awesome: I am freed up to actually just go out and do things by myself now, without having to wait for him to get up or cajole him into thinking it’ll be fun to go with me. I’ve taken on a long-term editing project which is being quite fun, I’ve started reading books (!) again, I’m puttering in the garden and sort of enjoying letting PK have his space, which means that the energy I’ve been putting towards him can be redirected (or just allowed to gradually decline a bit while I relax a little).

On the down side, I’m finding it incredibly hard not to worry about how much damn time he spends on the couch (hypocrite that I am), and I confess I am hoping that after a few weeks of this he will get bored and start self-regulating a bit better. By which I mean occasionally wanting to actually, you know, leave the house.

If not, though, we have a two-week vacation planned that will involve a long road trip through the American south, so at least for that time he’ll be sitting in the car rather than on the sofa. For part of the time we’ll be in New Orleans, which he is very excited about: as a junior foodie, he knows that New Orleans is a great food town, and in fact he did his fourth-grade school “state report” on Louisiana so that he could focus on food. So that part should be enjoyable, and I have other things planned at various stops along the way.

In contrast, however, my long-time internet and real-life friend Elise Robinson has planned an amazing “summer camp at home” for her two girls, who are on either side of kindergarten. I highly recommend checking out her blog over the summer for creative (if slightly intimidating!) ideas for What To Do With the Kids.


5 responses to “School’s Out!

  • countrybumkin

    So nice to discover there are others out there like us! Have mentioned your blog in mine as I’m sure it makes a lots of us feel much better!

  • ladydianastarr

    We are having issues with self-regulation lately too. Ds9 us now on anti-anxiety meds so he’s happier for sure, but the lessened anxiety seems to lend to more of an ADHD energy! I bet if I let him go completely we’d be looking at your same situation. Good luck this summer and let us know if he settles down to a saner schedule. I’m vey curious! We’ll be continuing with an attempt at daily “learning time.” Even if its just a little :)

  • tedra

    HI, countrybumpkin! And thanks!

  • tedra

    @Ladydianastarr, Funny you should mention ADHD, as I’m about 90% convinced that we all have it (and investigating that is one of the things I’m reading up on). I will DEFINITELY let you and everyone else know if he starts having a more “normal”-looking schedule. And if not, what in the world I end up doing about it….

  • mytwicebakedpotato

    I totally relate! I can picture the couch fest :)
    Summer is supposed to be carefree days and outside fun, but my boy prefers inside in front of the computer, iPad or TV.
    He has been out of school for two days and I have to force myself not to write a detailed schedule w/chores and lessons.
    Will see how long I show restraint :)

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