Books, and Bookkeeping


The internet, which allows one to buy used books from all around the country, is a marvellous thing. The following titles are currently winging their way to PK and me:

Following a conversation earlier today, I’m also getting it through my thick head, finally, that he actively wants me to run things (up to a point), because soliciting his opinion triggers his anxiety. Hence buying some books. (It also helps that we got paid on Friday and I actually have some money to do so.) I’ve also decided that we’re going to call the afternoon “school time,” which gives him the option of sleeping all morning or, if he gets up, puttering about online, and also makes it clear that the time after dinner is his own. He can choose what he’s going to do during school time, or I will, but it isn’t going to be random video games or tv (games or documentaries with specific learning objectives are okay sometimes).

I’ve also assigned him a project, of sorts, after noticing that while we were waiting at the doctor’s office today (vaccination booster) he borrowed a pen and paper from the receptionist and then drew a two-sided explanation of how one might use stem cells to genetically modify human DNA to give people super powers. Complete with a drawing of a chromosome. The project is a loose one: he’s going to draw plans of his various ideas and schemes, and we’ll create a portfolio of sorts. We may eventually choose one or two of his ideas to actually pursue or build, physically or virtually–or not. But it will get him some writing/drawing practice and give me some documentation. Plus it will provide us with a specific text to refer to when he explains his ideas, which I hope will make those “conversations” a lot easier and less rambling. At least today, while we were walking home, he did a much more coherent job of explaining his superhero genetic modification plan than he often does. Having to think stuff through on paper, after all, does rather help focus one’s thoughts. (Walking and talking works well for us, plus he needs the exercise, so I will try to work grocery store trips and the like into the “school” time so that he can get out of the house, get some exercise, and do his yammering in the fresh air.)

As with everything, of course, we shall see how this goes and if everything falls apart. But at least when I explained the plan to him, he added a couple of modifications but generally seemed ready to buy in. (I think he’s getting a little bored, FINALLY, with his all-day-every-day videogame schedule; yesterday the husband and I went out and when we came home he’d started a Buffy marathon and shut the laptop.)

I’m hoping it works, though. Not least because it’ll give me the mornings….


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