Good things that have happened:

1. I linked my blog to the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Blogging Group on Facebook. (Link is to regular webpage b/c FB blog page is a closed group. And also b/c GHF is quite awesome and you should check it out.)

2. I got many nice comments, both there and on the blog itself.

3. One new reader suggested that I check out an unschooling conference here in So Cal–this week.

4. I looked at the conference website and they have a one day pass option (which is good, b/c I am broke right now).

5. I tentatively asked PK last night, as we were on our walk around the neighborhood to find the cat*, if he wanted to go to San Diego on Wednesday? He likes San Diego, so he was intrigued.

6. He asked what we would do, and I even more tentatively explained that it was for a conference about “unschooling, which is basically a philosophy that kids shouldn’t have to do school at all; they should be allowed to learn whatever they want to learn.”

7. He said, “I like that philosophy!” This is the first actually positive comment I’ve heard from him about learning in I can’t remember how long.

8. He wasn’t sure, though, that he wanted to go to San Diego on the spur of the moment (what with being kind of stressed about changes/schedules these days**). So I said that I understood, but that I couldn’t go to the conference without him because I wouldn’t want to leave him alone all day, that since the whole point of unschooling is that kids aren’t in school the conference included kids too and there would be things for him to do, and (the kicker) that there was a panel on that day about learning with video games.

9. He said “I totally want you to go to that panel! Okay, let’s go.”

So . . . we’re off to San Diego on Wednesday. There and back in one long haul. Yay for crazy-ass spontaneous field trips!

*This particular cat, Medusa, is one of three. She dislikes the other two cats and fears one of them intensely. So in order to get her to come home and eat we have to lock the other two in a room and go out for a “Medusa walk” every night so that she’ll follow us home. Because PK and I aren’t the only neurotic freaks in this house. And yes, in my bad moments I totally think that it’s ALL MY FAULT THAT THE CAT IS NEUROTIC. Then I laugh and/or pour myself a beer.

**As you might be able to tell by the fact that my post on flexibility is presented as a numbered list, PK is not the only one who isn’t great at sudden change, so yay me, too, for deciding to do this thing. See previous footnote about house full of neurotic freaks.


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