The Other Burns Poem

Last year at this time I had started C25K. Not doing that any more. I have lost some weight over the year, mostly by eating better, but I’ve been edging back towards the cholesterol-problematic cheeses and chocolates lately. And the couch is developing a distinctly my-ass shaped dent in it.

The other day, driving back from visiting the snow (Pseudonymous Kid loooooooves the goddamn snow), in our nearly 300k-miles hand-me-down Saturn wagon, Mr. B. and I were talking about whether, when/if we replace it this year, we are going to go the Volt route or take the all-electric plunge.

My husband pointed out that there’s a third option: we could get him an electric bike for his commute to work–about 25 miles–which would ensure he gets the exercise he really should be getting, what with his high blood pressure and his late father’s health history–and just go carless altogether.

Which you know, really is possible, even though we don’t live in a proper city. I could use more exercise as well, and Pseudonymous Kid would surely benefit from learning to make biking his primary method of transportation while he’s still a kid. He’ll start middle school next year; soon his friends will be allowed to move about on their own, too, and there’ll be less call for rides in order for him to have a non-school social life. Downtown is a fairly easy bike ride. The central bus terminal is about four blocks away, at the mall, and new Trader Joe’s is going in right behind it. The fancy-pants health-food grocery where I buy our petted-to-death meat is pretty close, too, although it’s kind of an unpleasant ride, what with traffic–but it’s doable, certainly. And finally, my husband rents cars often enough for work that we occasionally get a “free rental” certificate, which would make the relative cost of renting vs. owning an even better deal than it otherwise would be.

It would, of course, take effort and will power. But then, so has being a one-car family for the last ten years, and we’ve managed that just fine.

I got up early this morning and realized we are out of coffee. I can see the wind whipping the neighbor’s palm trees around, and there’s a bit of rain. Having read an article recently about the benefits of pre-breakfast exercise, I briefly considered that I “should” bike to Starbucks, which is about half a mile away.

Instead, I took the car.



4 responses to “The Other Burns Poem

  • landismom

    We’ve been talking about downsizing to one car, now that landisdad has a job where he can commute by train again. It makes me nervous, but it would be a good thing to do.

  • taddyporter

    A motorcycle is an alternative. They don’t take much gasoline and can easily haul a passenger and a couple days worth of groceries. You can even pull a trailer with a motorcycle and really tote some cargo.

    Plus, they’re a blast.

  • tedra

    Yeah, we’ve talked about that. The husband is not so thrilled with the mileage on most of ’em, and does want the exercise. Plus, scary.

    I had to drive the husb. to his carpool drop-off point this morning (instead of his biking, as he usually does) b/c it was cold, windy, and raining. The only way we’re going to really cut back on the car dealio is to have the thing go into the shop for a while, or just break down….

  • Daphne

    You are so freakin funny! I wish my brain was half as clever as yours. When you go carless, I’ll give up chocolate….

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